Garmin Drivesmart 65

Garmin DriveSmart 65 Reviews : What You Need to Know The Garmin GPS DriveSmart 65 is a standalone, dedicated satnav or satellite navigation for cars and trucks. You can make use of this device during your road trips at both home and abroad. Different from the GPS feature in your smartphone, this Garmin GPS for car does not require a cellular network connection. So that it is suitable for road trips outside your home country. This device comes with a sharp 6.95-inch display.

It offers up-to-date traffic reports, clear, uncomplicated directions, and voice control. The satellite navigation is also equipped with a bunch of additional safety and other useful features. If your car is relatively brand-new, most of what Garmin offers is perhaps already built-in your car. But if you drive an old car, what the device offers is really tempting. Below is the detailed review about the Garmin 65 satellite navigation.

Garmin Drivesmart 65

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Garmin Drivesmart 65

Display & Design

One of the most attractive things about the Garmin 65 satnav is its stylish and large display. As it is said before, this Garmin GPS navigation system comes with a sharp 6.95-inch display, boosting one of the larger satellite navigations displays available in the market. Most drivers prefer a large display when it comes to display sizes so that it will be easier for them to read the instruction and direction while driving their vehicles.

The device’s screen is sharp enough with a 1024 x 600 resolution, clearly showing you the details at complicated junctions. Though the screen is large, it also remains compact enough at the same time, allowing you to comfortable place it on the windscreen without obscuring the road. The Garmin GPS car’s screen also has a nice contrast. So, it will not make your eyes tired from looking it. Moreover, do not be worried about it falling down from your windscreen because it is well-designed.

The satellite navigation device features a suction-cup mount, providing a nice and strong seal. It also has a quick-release clip that makes it easier for you to attach and remove the device from the mount. This way, you can store the device in a hidden spot when you park your vehicle. The touchscreen is as fairly responsive as a mid-class smartphone. The menu quickly opens up as you tap the buttons. The map also smoothly expands when you zoom the screen.
You probably see a slight glare or reflection when you see the device in an outdoor environment. But you will not notice it if you are using the device inside your car.


The Garmin 65 is one of the Garmin GPS navigation systems that has several connectivity methods. This satellite navigation system is equipped with a Bluetooth adaptor. So, you can connect it to your smartphone via the Garmin app, allowing you to receive destination inputs as well as traffic updates. This GPS device is fairly useful for map updates or performing software because it can directly connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Unfortunately, some users find some problems when they try to update the device via Wi-Fi. They mention that the device takes quite a long time for checking for updates and it ends up getting no results. If you find the same problem, do not be worried. You can also perform updates by connecting the GPS device to your laptop or computer via the USB mini type B connector. Continue performing the software updates via the Garmin Express.

However, keep in mind that this Garmin’s software is available only on Windows and Mac OS. Moreover, you should also take note that you can connect the Garmin Drive Smart 65 to a backup camera in order to show the camera’s field of vision on the GPS’s screen. Make sure the backup camera is compatible with your device.

Address Input

It is simple and easy to set your destination. You can do so by using the street name, coordinate, postcode, or point of interest. This Garmin GPS for trucks can even help you to find a parking space near your destination and navigate directly there. If you need to stop at some places during your trip, such as at a convenience store or petrol station, you can find a location close to your route and navigate there with only 4 clicks.

The Garmin 65 satellite navigation device enhances a multi-touch display. It makes it possible for you to zoom in and zoom out of the map using your fingers. But you cannot rotate the map using a double-finger rotation movement. The Garmin 65 is more responsive to touch input that other GPS devices in the same class, though it does not offer a smartphone reaction time. It gives you enough speeds you desire, but it does not mean that the device is slow.

You have 3 methods to input the destination address into the device. The first method is inserting your destination address using the search text field in the ‘Where To’ column. Then, the navigation device will search both its memory and landmarks on TripAdvisor in order to find the location you want to visit. This feature is extremely useful, especially if you are looking for popular tourist destinations because you use the place’s famous name instead of a certain address.

You can also use the address of the location you want to reach with this Garmin GPS handheld. Use the address option from the ‘Where To’ column. If you opt for this second method, you need to select the country, city, street name, and building number first. This second method is recommended if you are not able to find the location after using the first method. And the last method is using the phone by connecting your smartphone to the device via Garmin app.
The Garmin app uses the Google Maps API in order to look for the target address you request. Sometimes this can be quicker compared to the second method, in which you need to input the country, city, address, etc.
That is the detailed review and what you need to know about the Garmin DriveSmart 65 review